How Remodeling Your Commercial Space Can Make Employees More Productive

How Remodeling Your Commercial Space Can Make Employees More Productive

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Is your professional team held back by an outdated working environment? It may be time to give your commercial space a facelift! As a business owner, your workplace is the visual representation of your company and should be inviting to every person who steps inside. By periodically renovating and remodeling your commercial space, you’re investing in the long-term growth of your business and your employees.

Happy Employees Do Better Work

It’s a fact: happy employees do better work. Decades of extensive research on the topic has found a strong association between the happiness of employees and their ability to meet business goals. In one authoritative study, Harvard researchers found that investing in the mental and physical well-being of one’s staff has a very direct impact on their work ethic. They concluded that having happy employees raises sales by an average of 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%, a trend which Harvard Business Review calls the “Happiness Dividend”. Although strong leadership, healthcare benefits and internal programs contribute to these numbers, having an inviting and functional commercial space where employees can feel at-home is equally important.

Creating a Commercial Space that Encourages Employee Productivity

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At Huebert Builders in Columbia, Mo, we’ve found that commercial remodeling is a valuable internal investment that continually pays for itself by means of increased productivity. With careful attention to your buildings layout and design, a few simple updates can make your commercial space feel brand new. In appreciation for having a beautiful, updated working environment, employees feel appreciated and motivated to pay back the favor through hard work. Commercial construction projects by Huebert Builders are aimed to foster an environment where employees are proud to work and put their best foot forward. The following building updates will help your business reach new limits by filling three primary workplace objectives: collaboration, creativity and comfort.

A Corporate Space Built for Collaboration

Having an open floor plan is important for building relationships among staff members and executives. With the ability to move throughout a commercial space with ease, workers can learn from each other, provide valuable assistance and collaborate to meet important objectives. The following commercial renovation services by Huebert Builders can enhance productivity by fostering teamwork:

  • Add conference rooms and other group work areas
  • Offer a commercial kitchen where employees can make their lunch and eat together
  • Create an open floor plan by eliminating walls that create unnecessary barriers
  • Build a workspace where teams can communicate more easily


Finding Comfort in Your Commercial Space

Humans crave comfort within their environment. This means that the temperature, safety, appearance and layout of your commercial space should resemble a place where people want to spend time. Sometimes an individual’s workload can be heavy in the midst of certain projects. In these cases, it’s important to provide secluded areas where employees can avoid distractions and center in on their work.

  • Add individual offices away from distraction
  • Install additional windows
  • Create air flow with updated heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Maintain safety with updated security and electrical systems
  • Invest in updated furniture, fixtures and paint


Commercial Construction to Stimulate Creativity

Creative people are all stimulated differently. A good way to meet a majority of creative needs is providing areas for brain breaks and physical activity. Getting your blood flowing also gets your mind working. Additionally, a change of scenery can be all someone needs to spark a new and innovative idea.

  • Add a staircase between levels for an aesthetic and physical benefit
  • Build a basement where employees can escape to for a change of scenery
  • Patio additions for fresh air
  • Add a “brain break” room with activities that increase blood flow and spark creativity


Huebert Builders Premiere Commercial Remodeling and Renovation Services in Columbia, Mo.

There are many components that go into creating a commercial space that works for your company. Luckily, Huebert Builders has over 30 years of experience in fulfilling a variety of commercial needs. Our team of professional builders use strategic building methods to shape corporate spaces that meet each of our client’s visions. Whether remodeling a staff kitchen, designing an inviting reception area, updating the floor of an entire hospital, or building an office space from the ground up, we’re well equipped! Our goal: to build commercial spaces where business can thrive and employees can grow. See our wide range of building capabilities by viewing the finished results of several commercial remodeling and renovation projects in Columbia, Mo.


Update Your Commercial Space Today!

Contact the team at Huebert Builders to take care of your next commercial remodeling project! A few updates, big or small, can make a huge difference in employee productivity.

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