Easy Interior Design Tips to Help You Pick Great Windows

Easy Interior Design Tips to Help You Pick Great Windows

So, you’ve picked out the perfect paint color, flooring and furniture for your home. Now, where to enjoy that morning cup of coffee or beautiful Missouri sunset? Incorporating more windows in your home is a great way to add character while boosting aesthetic appeal. The shape, design and placement of windows within your home says a lot about your personal style. Follow these easy interior design tips to help you pick the best windows for your space.

How to Personalize Your Interior Space with Updated Windows

Although windows seem like a basic element in your home, they can make a dramatic impact on your overall interior design. To dive in, let’s talk shape. The following discusses several types of windows and how their shape coincides with interior design styles.

Bay windows

A bay window consists of at least 3 windows that are pushed out and angled away from the house. They are perfect for opening up a space. A large bay window paired with a bench and some pillows makes for the perfect, cozy nook. These windows are most associated with modern design.

Picture windows

While these floor-to-ceiling windows achieve maximum natural light, they are most affiliated with minimalistic design elements. If you have a small room you would like to open up, consider installing a picture window to create the illusion of a more extended room.

Slider windows

A simple window concept that allows easy access for fresh air and natural light to enter your home.This simplistic design reflects contemporary style. If you are looking for a less dramatic option to let in some light, this would make a great choice. Accentuate this style even further by adding a thick trim.

Arched Windows

These windows, inspired by Roman architecture, create a timeless appeal. There are many different styles of arched windows, varying from fixed to multi-window. These windows are most consistent with mediterranean inspired home designs.

Skylight Windows

These energy efficient windows make a great addition to any homeowner who is looking to take a more eco-friendly approach. Their placement in the ceiling allows them to let in plenty of sunlight and even a beautiful night sky. They are very versatile from a design standpoint, and therefore work in a variety of different styles.

Things to Know About Window Placement in Your Home

Your windows say a lot about your home and their placement shares just as much information as the design. Finding the right place to put your windows introduces both aesthetic and functional benefits. From an aesthetic standpoint, the placement of a window helps give direction in your house. Typically, the front of the house has more windows looking out and they are closely arranged to the front door. Adding windows that can be seen from the street is helpful in boosting your curb appeal as well. Think of where you might want to sit and enjoy the sunrise and sunset, where you want to stand watching your kids leave for school or even where to put a window that won’t create an annoying glare on the TV. These are the functional questions to ask yourself when considering where to put your new windows.

How Huebert Builders in Columbia, MO Can Help You Pick Great Windows

Not only can Huebert Builders help you pick great windows, but we also walk you through suggestions on where to install them and what is the best fit for your home. As construction experts, we believe it isn’t  a job well done until we see the results through to perfection. We enjoy working with our customers and look forward to making another happy customer.

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