How Remodeling Can Make Customers More Likely To Purchase

How Remodeling Can Make Customers More Likely To Purchase

At the end of the day, everyone wants their business to make more money. It can feel hard to compete with big-box stores or online retailers. Huebert Builders has put together a few ways that you can increase customer likelihood to purchase through remodeling.

Strategic Lighting Produces Different Effects

Lighting is surprisingly strategic. Have you ever noticed that most restaurants are dimly lit, or that most bookstores are brighter? There’s a reason for this: different types of ambient lighting impacts customer purchasing behavior in different ways.

Edison Bulbs on display

Ambient Darkness

For example, ambient darkness reduces a shopper’s perceived connection with others. This means they feel less judged for what they’re buying or eating, and may be more likely to make purchases that reflect their true desires. Ambient darkness is useful for getting customers to make impulse buys, or make purchases that they would worry aren’t in line with what others expect of them.


Ambient Light

While ambient darkness allows customers to put expectations aside and make more indulgent choices, brighter ambient light has the opposite effect. When shopping for something that customers are pleased about or that seem socially acceptable or admirable, they want to be seen. If you sell books, athletic apparel, healthy food or even neutral choices like furniture or workwear, brighter lighting is a good choice.


Strategic Spotlights

Light has the ability to draw the eye. For the items you want to really stand out and draw attention, consider spotlights. These lights, installed on the ceiling or floor, create drama that invites consumers to spend a little extra time on what you’re highlighting.


Make the Most of Your Layout

Did you know that the majority of people tend to make a clockwise loop around your store? Since directional and shopping patterns are so predictable, you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Take Advantage of Displays

To take advantage of the typical right-leaning direction of most shoppers, your space should be set up to draw them in. Make sure your store is set up to host displays of your best-selling or most desirous items once shoppers are a few feet into the store. But it doesn’t stop there; many small retailers don’t take advantage of end-of-aisle displays. Position your walkways to lead toward compelling product displays, or create product displays at the end of existing (or unmovable) aisles.


Rethink Aisle Positioning

If you want to take things a step further, stray away from the traditional aisles that run parallel to your walls. Instead, try angling ailes for more visual interest or even try a geometric or maze-like shape.


Comfort is Key

Your customers should be comfortable shopping in your store. This means the ratio of product to overall space needs to be lower. Too many items crammed carelessly into a small shop is going to make browsers feel anxious. Additionally, your walking pathway, displays or aisles need to be wide enough to avoid the “butt-brush effect.” This effect, theorized by consumer behaviorist Paco Underhill, means that shoppers are uncomfortable browsing in any space where they may have to physically brush against another shopper. Lastly, your checkout area needs to be large enough to accomodate all size purchases, a line of customers, or multiple registers without feeling claustrophobic.


Big Windows Allow Pedestrians to Window Shop

Though online shopping has become mainstream for many people, physical shopping is still an integral part of purchasing decisions. When you have the chance to make someone consider coming into your store, or continuing to walk by, you need to make sure your storefront is as inviting as possible. This starts with having great windows.

photo of donuts and woman through store glass

Utilize Window Displays

If you’re in a high foot traffic area, like downtown or in a mall, a great window display can be all it takes to lure someone into your store to look around. The most important factor in a brick-and-mortar retail display is to make a customer feel good. This means the display should be aesthetically pleasing, clean, and well-designed.


Have Great Windows Installed

Big, clean, beautiful windows are inviting. They allow a person passing by to get a glimpse of what your store offers – without having to step inside. When you only have a split-second to make a positive impression, great windows are important. If your windows don’t allow people to see what’s going on inside, or don’t offer the ability to create a window display, it might be time for new windows.


Use Supermarket Tactics

According to The Conversation, some of the tactics that supermarkets use to encourage customers to spend more money can be leveraged for your business. Your very first step into any supermarket greets you with the vibrant colors of fresh produce and amazing scents like baking bread. The bright color of the fruits and veggies elevates your mood and makes you more likely to spend money, and the scent makes you feel comfortable. Some grocery stores even have soft music playing with a slow tempo to encourage leisurely browsing.

fruits and vegetables at supermarket

Introduce More Color to Your Space

Whether this is through new paint, wall installations, art, flooring or furniture; introducing pops of color into your space can help put customers in a happy (and spend-y) mood.


Find a Signature Scent

It may be worth figuring out what you want the signature scent of your space to be. Ideally, the scent should be light enough as to not be bothersome, but strong enough to be smelled throughout the store. Candles and diffusers are great choices for this.


Create a Playlist

A slower tempo playlist that matches the mood of your store can do wonders for atmosphere. Classical, light jazz, soft rock and even acoustic covers of contemporary songs will work.


Huebert Builders Can Help Increase Your Bottom-line


Our knowledgeable team can help you increase your bottom-line through various remodeling projects design to make customers more likely to purchase. If you’re interested in how we can help your retail business be more successful, give us a call at 573-449-4996.


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