What you need to Know Before starting a Commercial Building Project

What you need to Know Before starting a Commercial Building Project

What you need to Know Before starting a Commercial Building Project


Cities like Columbia, Missouri are always evolving; adding new and exciting businesses every year. As the environment around your business changes, it might be time to ask whether your business needs adjustments, also. Places that may require commercial remodeling include restaurants, retail stores, industrial buildings, offices, churches or places of worship, small businesses, etc. This said, commercial renovation projects can be overwhelming and time intensive.


That’s why it’s Huebert Builders’ mission to make the remodeling process as simple as possible while providing you with the highest quality results. Each project we take on gets individualized attention and client collaboration to ensure that your vision for the space is carefully considered each step of the way. To see some of our work, take a look at our portfolio.


Should I Consider Remodeling My Business?


A commercial renovation is a large undertaking, regardless of the size of your space. A lot goes into planning, budgeting and executing. So, you may be asking whether a project like this is worth your time and effort, especially if your space is functional as is. Here are a few things to consider before deciding whether a commercial remodel is right for your business.

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Commercial Remodeling for Floor Plans


The kind of space you’re renovating will direct the type of renovations you make, and how extensive those projects will be. Are you a retail business owner? Ask yourself when the space was last updated, and how the layout of the space is impacting customer experience. It turns out that customer experience relating to a store’s space has a direct impact on purchasing behavior. According to a study from Monash University, “Sales to new customers increased by 43 to 44% after remodelling, and those to existing customers went up by 7 to 10%.” If your store feels cramped and has some lighting issues, it may be time to renovate! These may seem like small things, but clearly they can have a big impact on your existing customer base and engaging with new ones. Opening up your floor plan to create a more inviting storefront, for example, or designing a comfortable waiting area for visiting clients can help improve and reinforce your business’ image and values. Huebert Builders can help you with a variety of project sizes, from simple updates to a full remodel.


Commercial Remodeling for Branding and Brand Image


A professor from the same study says, “The look, feel, and mood of a firm’s retail or service environment are unique and crafted purposefully to contribute to the brand and ultimately, its profitability.” In short, a poorly designed space can seriously damage sales. A remodel should be treated as a marketing investment, designed to keep current customers satisfied and attract new ones. Think of your remodel as another form of advertising.Your space is a part of your brand, and should reflect the ideals and ethos behind it. Another important guide for how you remodel should come from customer feedback. What do your customers want to see? Create a survey where customers can submit feedback about lighting, layout, and other conditions. If you aren’t a retail space, or don’t have an accessible customer base, consult your team and discuss what updates your business might need. If you really aren’t sure what kind of renovations your business needs or if it needs them at all, our team would be happy to talk with you about our services and what is best for you.

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Commercial Remodeling for Energy Efficiency


Perhaps your reasons for a remodel aren’t about updating the look of your storefront or business. Remodeling for a more energy efficient business is just as important as aesthetic updates. In fact, you can save a lot of money by investing in more energy efficient electricity, heating, cooling, etc. So, check to see how long it’s been since your electrical systems have been updated, or if you need new HVAC. These changes won’t necessarily be seen, but you will definitely feel a positive difference financially.


What to Expect from the Commercial Remodeling Process


The first step in any remodeling project is planning your project in terms of timeframe and budget. There are always two budgets when planning for a remodel: one budget you know you can spend, and one budget that you want to spend. You have to fall back to that number that you can’t go past.” So, you need to be realistic and as accurate as possible from a financial standpoint. Additionally, keeping a timeframe in mind is crucial. If you are a brand new business renovating an existing storefront, you’ll need to consider when you want opening day to be. If you’re an existing business that will be closing for renovations, you’ll need to plan for that semi- or non-operational period.


In addition to planning a timeframe and budget, you’ll need to consult with your contractor about local and state ordinances for inspections. For example, the City of Columbia has specific aesthetic and waste regulations. When you work with Huebert Builders, we ensure your remodels are compliant with the most up-to-date ordinances, codes and standards.


Another thing to remember when renovating your business is to remain flexible. It is inevitable that there will be bumps in the road, or the possibility of delays. Huebert Builders wants to provide you with the best service possible, so we’ll do our best to minimize these obstacles. Our craftsmanship and the quality of our work is important to us, and we’d never want to deliver an inferior quality product that didn’t meet or exceed your expectations. So, sometimes that means taking a little extra time and care, but your satisfaction with our work is worth it.


Ready to start your commercial remodeling project or have questions about what Huebert Builders Inc. can do for your business? Give us a call, we’d love to talk with you about how we can transform your space!



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