Office Renovation Ideas to Create a More Engaging Workspace

Office Renovation Ideas to Create a More Engaging Workspace

Office Renovation Ideas to Create a More Engaging Workspace


What is the energy like in your workspace or office? Is it productive and airy or sluggish and cramped? Workplace culture is heavily impacted by the physical working space. It’s where your team spends their time, and it should be conducive to getting work accomplished. It may seem like the design and decor in an office is trivial or doesn’t matter, but it actually has a huge impact on workplace culture, productivity, and employee retainment. A comfortable, clean, and well lit workplace promotes higher levels of productivity and overall morale. To learn more about modern office design and how to create a more engaging workplace, keep reading or call Huebert Builders to start a project today!


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How to Incorporate Modern Office Design Into Your Workplace


Modern office design isn’t just trendy office decor. There’s actually science behind certain office decorating techniques that lend to better physical and mental well-being in employees, which overall creates a more productive environment. Modern, or contemporary design, refers to an office decorating style that is clean, minimalistic, and features natural elements like natural light and plants. It also is an umbrella term for a variety of trends in office design, including biophilic design and industrial design. Biophilic design refers to the addition of natural elements into the office space, including earth tone color schemes, plants, large windows, and natural textures like wood in decorative elements. Biophilic design is based on the idea that as humans, we have an innate need to connect with nature, and nurturing this connection results in better physical and mental health, concentration, creativity, and overall performance. It is also proven to reduce stress. Other trends in office design include industrial and home design. Industrial design refers to structural design elements like exposed ceilings and light fixtures that add a stylistically ‘industrial’ look. Many contemporary offices include a combination of this and biophilic design, which offers both a modern look and calming atmosphere. Incorporating home design means adding comfortable seating options, including couches and lounge chairs to offer an alternative to the typical ‘desk and chair’ set up.


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Millennial Workspaces: How the Millennial Generation Works Best


Consider your team members: what is the range in age groups? Are all employees in their 20’s and 30’s, or is it a multi-generational firm? The age of your employees can affect design preferences, but there are consistent design elements that all ages will enjoy. Millennials, specifically, are drawn to workspaces that are relatively casual and collaborative, especially in creative industries. One way to eliminate a stagnant work environment is to create a variety of workspaces and collaborative environments. Your office’s ability to implement this will also depend on the kind of work you do, so consider that before making changes. In creative fields, flexibility is key to providing individuals with a variety of places to work and promoting creative flow. Some people prefer a more structured set up in the morning, but like to switch in up and sit in a lounge chair in the afternoon. Additionally, collaborative spaces are crucial for just about any office space. It’s where employees can meet with clients or each other. It’s important that this space is comfortable, well lit and spacious. However, collaborative spaces don’t just have to be the typical conference room. Setting up tables and chairs or lounge seating in a way that allows conversation is a great way to add a collaboration area without restructuring your entire office. Another thing to consider is technology. Depending on the kind of work your office does, think about where can technology be integrated to improve productivity and collaboration. Maybe this means upgrading the desktop computers in your office or adding a monitor in your lobby that displays your logo.
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Practical Changes You Can Make to Implement Modern Office Design


Maybe you don’t have the budget for a full remodel, but there are some small but impactful changes you can make to create a more modern office space.


Add or remove a wall

  • Adding or removing a wall is a simple way to completely change a space. Create partial cubes with single walls to separate desks or knock down a wall to create more visibility. An open office floor plan in general is a good move, as this not only makes collaboration easier, but also promotes a workplace culture of transparency and visibility. This can also be done by adding glass walls as office dividers.


Larger windows

  • Natural light plays a huge role in mental health in general, but also in workplace productivity. If your office has large windows, but they are obstructed by the current set-up, consider re-configuring the desks to allow for more light. Or, consider window replacements to let in more sunshine.



  • A simple rearranging of desks can make a huge difference. Maybe two people that work together often are on opposite sides of the office. Move them closer together to encourage collaboration and ease of communication! Refreshing the space through a simple rearrangement can bring new life and energy to a space.


New chairs and loungers

  • Create a more comfortable office space and bring in a couch and a few loungers to offer a waiting area and alternate workspace.


Kitchen remodel

  • Is your office kitchen small and cramped? Consider adding on to the kitchen space or opening it up to allow a seating area for employees to take their lunch break. If you don’t already, consider setting up a coffee pot that employees can help themselves to – everyone needs a little coffee to propel them through the work day.


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