How to Optimize Your Retail Space to Drive Business with Commercial Remodeling in Columbia, Mo

How to Optimize Your Retail Space to Drive Business with Commercial Remodeling in Columbia, Mo

How to Optimize Your Retail Space to Drive Business with Commercial Remodeling in Columbia, Mo


When operating a retail space, the organization and appearance of your store are crucial and directly related to sales.  The way customers move throughout your store and feel during their shopping experience has serious impact on their buying behavior. Things like layout, lighting, and organization can all make or break sales. In this blog, we’ll go over how to optimize your retail space with simple remodeling to drive business and offer your customers the best experience possible. Huebert Builders in Columbia, Mo offers commercial construction and retail remodeling in Columbia, Mo. Give us a call today!
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Why You Should Consider Retail Remodeling in Columbia, Mo


You may be asking if remodeling your retail space is worth it. Why spend so much time and money if business is good? Well, why not make business great? Implementing simple changes can make a huge difference in your sales. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint and some new lighting to give your space an entirely new feel. Think about how long your business has looked the way it does. When was the last time it was updated? 5 years ago? 10 years ago? 20? If you’re concerned about keeping certain elements of the space the same for sentimental value, don’t worry. You can add updates without sacrificing the integrity of the space. Simple remodeling techniques such as lighting, layout, and color can make impactful changes for the better.


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Ways to Make the Most of Your Retail Space with Commercial Remodeling in Columbia, Mo


There are four major categories to consider when it comes to a retail space remodel. Each of these elements has major impact on your customers’ shopping experience and ultimate purchasing behavior.



  • Lighting is key in a retail environment. You can create different shopping experiences and stimulate different buying behavior with simple lighting techniques. Ambient darkness provides an atmosphere of reduced judgement. People feel less judged in low-lit environments and are more likely to make impulse buys. Ambient light has a different effect. This  is best used in environments where people want to be seen or admired for their purchases. To learn more about lighting, see our blog post here.



  • Natural lighting is always a plus. Depending on your location, get as much natural light into your store as possible. Natural light has a calming quality and makes any product look great. Too much fluorescent lighting causes anxiety for many shoppers, especially if there’s no natural light source. If you don’t have access to windows or natural lighting, invest in lighting that has a warm undertone. This light will mimic sunlight and create a more relaxed shopping environment.



  • Layout and traffic flow in your retail space can make a huge impact on purchasing behavior. As a general rule, you should have more space than product. A cramped shopping environment is stressful and does not lend to a favorable shopping experience or increased sales. Additionally, most people turn right once they enter a store. This tendency is called the ‘Invariant Right’. Use this information when orienting the layout of your store. Layout can be considered as the following: entrance traffic flow, displays, aisle arrangement, register flow and exit traffic flow.



  • Color is incredibly powerful, especially when it comes to influencing purchasing behavior. Certain colors stimulate impulse purchases, while others create a calm mood. Think about your business. What do you sell? Are you a clothing retailer? A smoothie shop? Think about a color palette that makes sense with your product offerings. Natural food shops often use greens and oranges to give off a natural and fresh feel. In retail settings, red and yellow are used on clearance and sale signs because they attract attention. Color can also stimulate hunger. If you own a bakery or other food establishment, consider using greens, reds, and yellows. Stay away from blue, as it is proven to reduce appetite.



  • Similar to color, music can have a strong impact on purchasing behavior. Regardless of what you’re selling, music should be kept at a volume that is loud enough to hear, but soft enough so customers and employees can carry a conversation. Your music choice should also reflect your brand identity and what you sell. Clothing retailer? Go with contemporary pop or soft rock. Coffee shop? Try jazz or indie folk. Whatever you decide, make sure the music is detectable but not distracting.


Structural Changes

  • Maybe your lighting, windows, and decor is how you want it, but you have a wall you’d like to take out. Or, maybe your shop doesn’t have a restroom. Making structural changes to your retail space can be pricey, but worth it depending on the situation. If you have the ability to change the structure of your store to make it more shopping friendly or welcoming, do it. Huebert Builders is the leader in commercial construction in Columbia, Mo, and we’d love to help you make the most of your retail space.


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