Renovate Your Business to Incorporate Current Commercial Architecture Trends

Renovate Your Business to Incorporate Current Commercial Architecture Trends

Renovate Your Business to Incorporate Current Commercial Architecture Trends


Today, it’s crucial for your business or commercial space to be high quality and engaging. With the fast-paced and technology-driven world we live in, it’s harder than ever to catch people’s attention. When your place of business offers a tangible, authentic experience, it does more than just meet a need. It gives customers a lasting impression and engaging experience. 

If your current commercial space does not offer this kind of experience, or it doesn’t the way it used to, it may be time for a remodel. Consider Huebert Builders for commercial remodeling in Columbia, Mo to improve your business or organization! 

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Make Your Office Space More Employee and Eco-Friendly With Commercial Remodeling in Columbia, Mo


Recent trends in office space design lean towards goals of more productivity, better employee experience, and overall office sustainability. There are a variety of ways to incorporate these elements into your commercial office space to help support your team and create a more engaging and productive workplace environment.


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Prioritizing Employee Experience 

  • One of the most notable shifts in commercial office space design is the prioritization of the employee experience. This trend, which is now becoming a mainstay in office design, not only values employee productivity, but looks at the employee experience holistically and creates opportunities to support their physical and mental well-being as a means to increase efficiency and output. This includes the implementation of more natural lighting, flexible workspaces, and collaboration areas. Additionally, integrating more technology into the office space can boost productivity, i.e. a large monitor in the conference room. 


Marrying Character & Innovation 

  • Another aspect of office design that boosts workplace morale is holistic, simple design that shows brand identity in creative ways. Perhaps you’re a financial advising firm. For you, this might mean making your space airy and light with sleek branding to mitigate the stress from surrounding the topic of money and keep the space feeling fresh. Not only will this help boost employee morale, but clients will feel more comfortable too, which is the ultimate goal in a space like this. Another way to incorporate brand identity is to include your logo in the space design without making it look commercial. This can be done with a mural that has undertones of the kind of work your office does or simple decor that nods at your field. 


If you’re concerned about the investment of a remodel, think of it this way: Happier employees do more and better work, and happy customers keep coming back. It’s a win-win that will pay for itself. 


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Offer Comfort and Community In Your Commercial Space With Commercial Construction in Columbia, Mo


Maybe your commercial space isn’t an office or a service-oriented business, but you still need to offer a polished, welcoming space for visitors. Churches and even sorority housing are great examples of this. Commercial remodeling offers an opportunity to make changes that will allow your visitors or residents to be more comfortable and foster community and connection. 


Natural Light & Biophilic Design 

  • Incorporating natural light into any space is a great way to open up a space and create a more calm energy. Biophilic design refers to using natural elements in design. This includes plants, natural materials like wood and stone, and structures like waterfalls, gardens, or naturalistic artwork. Biophilic design also refers to using a color palette of earth tones to provide a classic yet calming environment. Warm tones, greens, and warm reds and corals offer a polished look and won’t look dated in 10 years. 


Flexible Meeting Spaces 

  • Meeting spaces are a great way to provide space for one-on-one conversations. Small meeting rooms for classes, couches in the lobby, or high tables near the cafe are all great options for inspiring conversation among visitors. In sorority housing, study rooms are super useful so women can study without distraction or study in groups. 


Community Cafe 

  • The best way to bring people together is over coffee. Creating a small coffee bar with either employees or self-serving carafes is a great way to facilitate connection. This is especially great for making newcomers feel comfortable because it gives them something to do besides stand alone before the service starts. In a sorority setting, a small kitchen where women can prepare their own coffee or snacks is great when the large kitchen is closed. It’s also another great study spot. 


Huebert Builders offer commercial construction in Columbia, Mo, so you can make that coffee bar or study room happen in an existing space! Interested in starting a project or just have questions about commercial remodeling in general? Give us a call today! We pride ourselves on providing the best in customer service and giving you high quality, long lasting results. When you work with Huebert Builders, you’ll get the best in commercial remodeling and construction. We don’t cut corners and no project is finished until you’re happy. 

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Make Your Bar Or Restaurant Instagram-Worthy With Commercial Remodeling in Columbia, Mo 


When it comes to bars and restaurants, quality is often judged based on its “Instagram-ability” first, and its menu second. Of course, this is mainly a millennial point of view. It may seem strange to judge a restaurant this way, but millenials make up almost a quarter of the U.S. population, so it’s not a bad idea to cater to their preferences. With social media and culture’s overall obsession with all things instant and visual, it makes sense to create a space that celebrates good design and provides opportunities for social media sharing. Whether it’s a neon sign like Chicago’s The Hampton Social or a plant filled, patio paradise like Oxford Exchange in Tampa, well-designed spaces are a hub for social media loving customers. 


When it comes to remodeling to make your space more “Insta-worthy”, you don’t have to start from scratch. In fact, less can be more in terms of remodeling an interior. New lighting, greenery, and eclectic wall art can take your restaurant or bar from basic to exceptional. Additionally, the more open your space is, the better (most of the time). When it comes to taking and sharing photos, open, natural light-filled spaces make for high quality photos. You may be asking why making your space more conducive to social media sharing matters. Well, the more people that take and share photos of your space, the more traffic you’ll bring in. People will go to restaurants or bars simply to take and share a photo of an interesting sign or space, even if they haven’t looked at the menu. It’s that simple. Have more questions about commercial remodeling for your bar or restaurant? Give Huebert Builders in Columbia, Mo a call today! 


Contact Huebert Builders For Commercial Remodeling and Construction in Columbia, Mo 

Commercial remodeling and construction is well worth the investment, especially if your business or organization hasn’t had an update in a while. It may not seem like it, but even something as simple as taking out a wall or adding a conference room can make significant improvements to your space. Whether you’re remodeling an office or a retail space, small changes can pack a huge punch. 
Interested in starting a commercial remodeling project? Give Huebert Builders in Columbia, Mo a call today to get started.

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