Recent Trends in Commercial Exteriors

Recent Trends in Commercial Exteriors

With the new decade rapidly approaching, it’s important to be thinking about how your business is going to transition over time. While interior design trends can change on a yearly basis, trends in exteriors move more slowly. When making such a big change, it’s crucial that you feel confident that each decision will stand the test of time. That’s why Huebert Builders has rounded up recent trends in commercial exteriors that we believe will last. 


Trends in Commercial Exteriors Across All Industries


Across all industries, we are seeing a few specific trends in the areas of energy efficiency, use of color, and outdoor greenery. 


Increase Your Business’s Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency has been a trend for the last few decades, especially for residential construction and remodeling. However, we are seeing businesses use remodels as an opportunity to become more energy efficient. This is great because it cuts down on heating and cooling costs, as well as other energy costs. In terms of how to remodel your commercial exterior to achieve greater energy efficiency, we recommend newer windows, energy efficient roofing, and using high-quality materials for great insulation.


Think Critically About Color


Our culture has become increasingly focused on the aesthetics of a business, not just its product. Your business’s exterior should showcase who you are. One way to do this is incorporating powerful colors that reinforce your brand or capture attention. We’ve seen an increase in reds, yellows and oranges; but also calming aquas and blues. 


Create Green Spaces 


Many studies point to the benefits of greenery in the workplace, including retail businesses, offices and restaurants. Incorporating more natural elements into exterior design is a booming trend. This can be accomplished with garden spaces, greenery walls or water in the form of ponds or streams. 


Commercial Exterior Trends for Restaurants and Bars


Restaurants and bars are usually the most subject to change in commercial exterior trends. Since eating is such a social experience but can be seen by the average person as a non-necessity, restaurants need to be able to pull people in. Right now, we’re noticing a big shift to creating outdoor spaces that patrons can enjoy. This may mean a patio for eating, an outdoor bar, volleyball courts or other activity/game centers, or even a space for live music. 


Commercial Exterior Trends for Retail Businesses 


The major takeaway for commercial exterior trends for retail businesses is that retailers need to walk that line between standing out and fitting in. By this we mean the exterior needs to be inviting and draw people in. This can be accomplished through beautiful architecture, amazing window displays, special design elements like ivy-covered walls or an outdoor garden. But, retail spaces also need to match with the rest of the surrounding areas. While this isn’t as big of a deal for commercial lots like outdoor malls, it’s a bigger priority for downtown shops or shops located within certain neighborhoods. 


Choose Huebert Builders for Your Commercial Construction and Remodeling Needs


If you’re ready to remodel your commercial exterior to make it more modern and current, give Huebert Builders a call. We love working with businesses of all types to bring your vision to life. 


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