Boost Business With Huebert Builders Restaurant Renovation in Columbia, Mo 

Boost Business With Huebert Builders Restaurant Renovation in Columbia, Mo

Boost Business With Indoor & Outdoor Restaurant Renovation in Columbia, Mo 

How does your restaurant utilize space? Do you have indoor and outdoor dining areas? When was the last time the space was updated? As a restaurant owner, you should be asking yourself these questions every few years. To get the most out of your restaurant space, it’s important to take these questions into consideration. In this blog, we’ll go over ways to use restaurant remodeling to elevate your indoor and outdoor dining spaces! There are a number of ways to take your space from basic to brilliant, and the experts at Huebert Builders are here to help. For more on commercial remodeling in Columbia, Mo, contact us here. We have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we want to help you bring your unique vision to life. 

How To Use Restaurant Remodeling to Improve Your Indoor Dining Space 

When it comes to remodeling an indoor dining space, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions: When was the space last updated? What kind of space do your guests want? What’s your budget? Before you dive too deep into a remodel, it is important to make a plan and prioritize critical space issues before aesthetic preferences. For example, if the bathrooms need an upgrade, it is better to allocate budget there instead of installing trendy new lighting. Most restaurants need a remodel every 5-10 years, depending on the space. Remember, a remodel doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch, but small changes can really elevate a space. Here are a few to get you started:

Facade update

  • The exterior of your restaurant is your guests’ first impression of your space. Allocate your budget towards fixing any cosmetic defects on the outside of your business first. This includes fixing things like a broken sign, steps, or giving the facade a new paint job. These small changes aren’t necessarily super expensive, and they pack a big punch. 

New furnishings

  • Refresh the interior dining space by updating existing furnishings! Consider replacing tables, chairs, and waiting area furniture to give your space a fresh feel. 

New flooring

  • New flooring can be an expensive yet a worthwhile endeavor. Consider the age of your space and whether or not flooring is in your budget. Replacing old flooring with a higher quality material can instantly change the feel of a space. 

New lighting

  • Lighting is another element that can completely transform a space. Update broken lights and consider the mood you want your space to have. For example, if you restaurant is typically a date spot for couples, consider moodier, lower lighting to add to the fitting ambiance. 

Interior update

  • Perhaps your space needs more serious remodeling. To open up a cramped space, consider taking out a wall or adding a bar to create more seating. Discuss options for the space with your contractor to decide what will work structurally and visually. 

Bathroom renovation

  • Having a clean, well-kept bathroom is incredibly important in a restaurant. Guests shouldn’t lose their appetite because of an unclean restroom space. If you have the space and budget, consider expanding the bathroom to give guests more room. Make sure you have an accessible bathroom for wheelchair users. A bathroom space is worth the investment, since most guests will use it at least once during their visit. 


Elevate Your Outdoor Dining Area With Restaurant Renovation in Columbia, Mo

If your restaurant has an outdoor space, consider giving it an upgrade! According to Study Hall Research, more than 40% of millennials spend more on alcohol when dining outside. That’s a lot of people buying drinks! If your restaurant serves alcohol, make sure your outdoor space is conducive to group lounges and big tabs. When the weather is nice, people flock to patios and outdoor spaces to relax with a drink, so utilize the following updates to make your restaurant their top pick. 

Umbrellas & gazebos 

  • In the warmer months, it’s important to create ample shade for your guests who choose to dine outside. Use large table umbrellas or a large gazebo to provide cooling shade. Large box fans are also a great investment to help keep otherwise stagnant air moving. 

Heated tents for winter 

  • On the flipside, to keep using your outdoor space in the winter, consider investing in a heated tent. This way, you have the ability to sit guests outside year round! 

Fence with greenery and flowers

  • Block an unsightly parking lot or street view and provide a relaxing aesthetic by adding greenery and flowers to your outdoor patio area. Fences or a trellis with greenery can help add to your restaurant’s outdoor aesthetic and provide privacy for guests dining on the patio. 

Outdoor TV’s

  • If your restaurant is the place to catch a big game, make sure your outdoor guests have access to the action too! Install a few big screens outside so everyone can cheer on their favorite team. 


Promote Your Restaurant Renovation in Columbia, Mo

Get the most bang for your buck by marketing your new renovations! It may seem excessive to spend money on marketing a remodel when word-of-mouth can spread the message, but you’re more likely to get a quicker return on your investment. Create some social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, or consider a local radio spot to promote the refreshed space. Consider a promotion on appetizers or drinks to get people in the door. The faster you get the word out, the quicker you’ll be filling seats and making profits. 


Call Huebert Builders For Restaurant and Commercial Remodeling in Columbia, Mo!

For over 30 years, Huebert Builders has been a leader in commercial construction and commercial remodeling in Columbia, Mo. We’ve completed hundreds of local projects, which you can view here. From restaurants to offices and theatres, we’ve done it all. You deserve a contractor you can trust, so look no further than the experts at Huebert Builders. Have questions about commercial remodeling or restaurant renovation in Columbia, Mo? Give us a call today!

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