The Importance and Value of Accessibility Remodeling in Columbia, Mo

The Importance and Value of Accessibility Remodeling in Columbia, Mo

The Importance and Value of Accessibility Remodeling in Columbia, Mo


When it comes to your business or commercial space, accessibility matters. Making a space ADA compliant is not only a smart business decision, but also the right thing to do. Many Americans live with a disability, and often it is not readily apparent. Disability can range from physical to mental to emotional and everything in between, in varying degrees. Remodeling for accessibility makes your office, store, or waiting room more inclusive and comfortable for all levels of ability. Interested in remodeling for accessibility in your business or commercial space? Huebert Builders offers accessibility remodeling in Columbia, Mo! To learn more, visit our services page, or give us a call!


Why You Should Consider Accessibility Renovations in Columbia, Mo  to Make Your Business ADA Compliant


It may sound intimidating to spend time and money renovating for accessibility, especially if your business is already relatively accessible. However, it is important to make your space both inclusive and accessible. Think about it: you could be deterring valuable customers simply because they can’t access your space with ease and comfort. It’s also important to note the legislature associated with providing accessibility within businesses. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires most businesses to have a base level of accessibility and accommodations for people with disabilities. 


Aside from accessibility being the right thing to do, renovations can yield positive business results too! By creating a more accessible space, you’ll have access to a larger and more diverse customer base. This is especially important for businesses like apartment complexes or other residential areas, which often have limited accessibility. You’ll gain business with mobility accommodations since it can be hard to find, especially in a college town like Columbia, Mo. 

Create a More Inclusive and Accessible Space with ADA Remodeling in Columbia, Mo


Disabilities have range. From alternative mobility to intellectual disabilities or sensory sensitivities, there are many kinds of disabilities, some readily apparent, others completely invisible. Because it may not always be apparent whether someone lives with a disability, it’s important to make your business or commercial space as inclusive as possible by renovating for accessibility. 


Significant mobility obstacles should be tackled first, as they prevent some individuals from even entering your space. Consider installing a ramp for wheelchair or walker users and eliminating trip hazards in the interior. Additionally, if your space has a waiting room, be sure to include space where a wheelchair user can pull up next to a chair and not feel they are obstructing the path for other customers or patients. 


As far as creating a sensory inclusive environment, consider changing your lighting to something softer if you use fluorescent lighting. Utilize natural lighting where you can. Additionally, any music should be kept at a low volume. Avoid genres that could cause sensory discomfort and stick to soft rock, jazz, or classical. If you use printed materials or technology, create an option with a larger print or font for those with visual impairments. 

ADA Remodeling in Columbia, Mo To Increase Mobility For All 


Increasing accessibility is a great way to make your space inclusive for all, whether they have a visible disability or not. Mobility is something that changes with life stage, age, etc. The way you move about the world as a teen is different than the way you move as a parent or as you age. There are a variety of simple ways to alter your space to provide ease of mobility for all. For example, parents with young children appreciate amenities like ramps and extra space, especially when using a stroller or wrangling multiple small children at once. Things like handrails and ramps are also helpful to the elderly, who may need extra support or a pathway for their walker or cane. Accessibility doesn’t mean perfectly catering to one specific need, but rather making your space as physically inclusive as possible for all levels of ability. 


Call Huebert Builders for Accessibility Remodeling in Columbia, Mo


Curious about how Huebert Builders can help transform your business or commercial space into one that is more accessible? Give us a call today! We’d be delighted to help you in strategizing how to make your space more inclusive for all. We know remodeling is a serious endeavor, which is exactly why we work with you every step of the way to make sure you’re on budget and on plan. Curious to learn a bit more about Huebert Builders? Take a look at our past work on our Services page. 


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