An Overview of Huebert Builders’ Commercial Construction Services in Mid-Missouri

An Overview of Huebert Builders’ Commercial Construction Services in Mid-Missouri

Commercial construction is a diverse and vast construction field encompassing many different types of builds. As Columbia, Mo’s premier commercial contractor, Huebert Builders has an extensive portfolio of commercial construction projects. Let us answer your questions about what sets commercial projects apart and show you what’s possible when you pick the right contractor! 

What is Commercial Construction?

What comes to mind when you think of commercial construction? Schools, hospitals, businesses? All of those would be correct, and then some. Commercial construction involves building projects that can be leased or sold in the private sector. These types of projects range from small to large scales, so there’s really no project too big or too small to fit the category.

Small-scale commercial construction projects may involve rebranding or remodeling of an existing structure. Larger projects involve building a brand new structure, potentially several stories high, and should be left only to true professional commercial contractors. Huebert Builders has experience in commercial projects of all sizes across several different industries in mid-Missouri.

Types of Commercial Construction Services Huebert Builders Offers

Our commercial construction company has taken on a variety of small and large-scale projects in Columbia, Mo. We’ve built and remodeled fitness centers, religious facilities, offices and even movie theaters throughout Missouri! Take a look at some of our favorite projects.

Historic Preservations in Mid-Missouri

Historic preservation involves protecting the traditional elements of buildings with historical significance. These old structures need special care and attention to ensure they are not too modernized, but rather reflect their original historic aesthetic. Huebert Builders had the opportunity to remodel the historic Berry Building in downtown Columbia.

The Berry Building is a roughly 35,000 square foot, red brick warehouse built in 1924. Our commercial contractors renovated the historic Columbia, Mo building by adding new roofing, replacing the windows and doors, and creating interior finishes. In all, the renovation cost $3.4 million and won a Preserve Missouri Award for keeping the historic integrity of the building intact.

Business Construction and Renovations in Columbia, Mo

One of our proudest client relationships is with Wilson’s Fitness Centers. Our commercial contractors worked on two of their Columbia, Mo gyms, including a new construction build for their south location and a commercial expansion for their north location. The south facility project resulted in a 50,000 square foot high-end fitness center, including an enclosed swimming pool with a retractable roof. The commercial renovation of the north facility added retail and commercial space to the lower level.

Our business construction capacities include new construction, commercial renovations and commercial roofing in Columbia, Mo. Do you own a business that needs an upgrade, a new location or it’s first brick and mortar store? Contact Huebert Builders today!

Experienced Church Builders in Mid-Missouri

Commercial construction also includes building churches and other religious facilities, which our contractors have plenty of experience with. One of our most notable projects was the $1.5 million commercial renovation of Rock Bridge Christian Church in Columbia, Mo. This project displayed unique architectural design through the creation of a new narthex, sanctuary, baptismal pool and terrace. We also installed an oversized skylight.

Huebert Builders completed the exterior finishes for the commercial expansion of Rock Bridge Christian Church.

Other renovations our team of experts has completed include renovations on the Second Missionary Baptist Church and St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church. If your church in mid-Missouri is in need of experienced commercial church builders, call us today!

Why Renovate Your Business or Commercial Property with Huebert Builders

While the end results are beautiful, getting started on a commercial building and remodeling project can be intimidating for property owners. However, when done right, commercial construction can provide a high return on investment. If you own a business or restaurant, consider your customers’ experience in your store. Do the aesthetics represent your brand and company well? Are there physical constraints and inconveniences customers must face? Your property communicates your value, so make sure it’s doing your business justice. 

By increasing your outdoor curb appeal, modernizing your interior and expanding to add more space or bathrooms, you can improve customers’ perception of your business and their overall experience. You can also save the cost of operations by installing energy efficient fixtures and appliances. If you’re ready to improve your business, call our experienced commercial contractors in Columbia, Mo today!

Our Commercial Construction Process

Hiring the Right Commercial Construction Company in Columbia, Mo

Hiring an experienced contractor means making sure they have a state-of-the-art, efficient construction process. At Huebert Builders, it’s our goal to make construction projects as seamless and smooth as possible. We do this by planning in detail well in advance, setting timelines early (and sticking to them!) and maintaining a relationship with our clients before, during and after their project.

Our process allows us to stay on-time and on-budget. This is especially important when clients have short windows of time for construction to occur. When you think about it, who wants their commercial property to be shut down for long?

Our major commercial renovation of a sorority house at the University of Missouri required extensive planning ahead of the actual construction phase. By following through on our timeline and preparing our materials before we started building, we were able to create a massive addition to this property in six months and complete all interior renovations in 60 days. This is just one example of how an exceptional construction process can expedite your project!

Hire Huebert Builders as Your Commercial Contractor in Columbia, Mo!

While our portfolio has developed and changed over the last 30 years, our core values have remained constant. If you’re ready to update your commercial space or get started on a brand new commercial build, contact our team today! We’re dedicated to upholding our standards of quality and exceeding your expectations.

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