Top Trends for 2020 Business Remodels in Columbia, Mo

Top Trends for 2020 Business Remodels in Columbia, Mo

As time goes on, it’s important to adapt your business space to the ever-changing employee and consumer cultures. Whether you have a retail store, office space or restaurant, staying on top of trends and remodeling your commercial space can increase efficiency and overall satisfaction. Check out some of the most popular business remodeling trends for 2020 below!

Top 3 Trends in Commercial Building Remodels Throughout Mid-Missouri

Trend 1: Multi-Purpose Spaces Designed for Flexibility

The nature of how we work is changing, and thus our physical workspaces are changing. It’s important to think proactively about your business’s future needs and create a space that can easily be reconfigured at a moment’s notice. Employees aren’t thriving in one-size-fits-all environments anymore. Rather, they need workspaces that are innovative, fluid and as inspired as they are.

How to Create an Adaptable, Dynamic Workspace in Mid-Missouri

Your business can achieve an innovative workspace by using furniture and elements that are lightweight and moveable rather than heavy and permanently fixed. Consider using retractable walls, movable dividers, mobile furniture and adjustable lighting. These features can be changed as your business’s needs change in real time, making for a flexible environment that allows employees to act quickly. 

If you’re ready to update your commercial space and create a forward-thinking design, contact Huebert Builders’ remodeling contractors in Columbia, Mo. We’re happy to answer your questions and explain why commercial remodeling is worth your investment!

Trend 2: Build an Eco-Friendly Environment

This trend pertains to both your business’s visual aesthetics and its core values. No matter your industry, sustainability is a prominent business approach that will make your business competitive. In fact, 62% of executives consider a sustainability strategy crucial to staying competitive in the modern market. 

But how does a sustainable strategy lend itself to a business remodel in mid-Missouri? There are a few ways you can design your workspace to reflect and implement environmentally-friendly values.

How to Use Sustainable Design in Your Mid-Missouri Business Remodel

Use natural materials. Let’s be honest — this trend is happening everywhere in construction and remodeling. Businesses are no exception! Consider using wood for floors, counters, coffee tables, walls and accent pieces of furniture. You can even reuse materials by using reclaimed wood. Bringing a little bit of nature into your business can transform it into a warm environment with plenty of texture and character.

Go green — literally. Have you ever heard of living walls? These unique, head-turning statement pieces transform any commercial space into one that’s inviting and inspiring. Whether or not you want to cover an entire wall in plants, we recommend adding greenery throughout your office space. Even if you don’t want an entire greenery wall, indoor plants have been proven to positively impact our mental health. Speaking of wellness, plants symbolize health and freshness, which is especially helpful if you happen to run a food establishment or restaurant.

Living walls are a popular commercial remodeling trend in mid-Missouri.

Rethink traditional lighting. Sterile, fluorescent tube lighting is out, and natural light is in. If there’s one thing you can do to improve your commercial space, it’s to opt for more comfortable lighting. Studies have shown that natural light in workspaces improves satisfaction and productivity. Ditching artificial lighting can put less strain on your eyes, lower your amount of headaches and improve your overall mood. 

Increase your building’s efficiency. Sustainable design is intended to reduce or eliminate the overuse of important resources like energy and materials. Thankfully, integrating sustainable design concepts into your existing building is actually more cost effective than breaking new ground and starting from scratch. Consider how your building might better utilize natural light and conserve energy by strategically adding windows. You can also ensure your appliances and HVAC systems are up to date and as energy efficient as possible. 

Environmentally-friendly design is not only a good business strategy, it’s good for everyone’s health. To learn more about increasing your business’s sustainability, contact Huebert Builders’ remodeling contractors in Columbia, Mo.

Trend 3: Collaboration-Oriented Workspaces

Even before Covid-19, more and more people began working from home. Now, in the wake of the pandemic, 42 percent of the U.S. labor force works full-time from home. However, it’s not possible for every type of employee to work remotely. Essential workers like those in retail, healthcare and certain businesses must work in-person with customers or products and equipment. To adapt to this new “work from home” economy, organizations are using their commercial spaces to accommodate interactions that can’t happen remotely.

How to Create a Business Remodel That Promotes Community in Columbia, Mo

If more and more employees are doing their individual work “anywhere, anytime,” then your physical office space should be focused on in-person interactions. You can achieve this by creating large collaboration rooms where people have plenty of space to spread out while meeting. Consider adding dining areas, comfortable rooms to relax in and fitness centers. Individual cubicles may be occupying space that could be used to increase your team’s satisfaction and wellness.

Commercial remodels are creating more collaborative workspaces in mid-Missouri.

Prominent Trends for Restaurant Remodels in Mid-Missouri

It’s important not to leave out food establishments when discussing the topic of commercial remodeling. Restaurants have had to adapt to less dine-in services and even less sales in 2020. However, there are ways to renovate your restaurant to attract customers and adapt to our current circumstances. 

How to Increase Restaurant Sales With Commercial Remodeling

Add rooftop or outdoor dining. Patio dining has become increasingly popular this year. Who doesn’t appreciate a way to get out of the house and enjoy the weather? Expanding your customers’ seating options will go a long way in attracting business. Consider expanding your outdoor dining area by expanding your patio or adding a rooftop. 

Build a drive-thru. Takeout and curbside pickup are must-have design elements for restaurants. If you have the space, adding a drive-thru or window pick up option is a great way to encourage business and make your customers feel safe.

Choose Huebert Builders for Your Commercial Remodeling Needs in Columbia, Mo

When it comes to making a change to your business, no matter how big or small, your return on investment hinders on choosing the right team for the job. Choose Huebert Builders as your remodeling contractors in Columbia, Mo. From hospitals to office spaces and fitness centers, we’ve done it all. To learn more about what we can do for your commercial space, contact us today!


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