10 Signs of a Great Commercial Contractor in Columbia, MO

10 Signs of a Great Commercial Contractor in Columbia, MO

Whether you’re building from the ground up or making renovations to an existing structure, it is crucial to hire a skilled contractor. Having the right commercial construction team on your side will not only help you get the job done right, but ensure your project is completed with maximum efficiency. So much rides on the proper construction of your commercial property. Finances, liabilities, the wellbeing of your employees and the future of your organization all hinder on the success of construction, one of your top investments. How do you find the right contractor, though? How do you know who to trust with your business or organization? 

If you’re searching for a commercial construction company in Columbia, MO, you’ve already started one important step: research. We’re here to help you learn what to look for in candidates and how to choose the best contractor for your project.

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Signs of a Strong Candidate for Your Commercial Construction in Columbia, MO

Choosing a contractor can be intimidating, especially since the field of commercial construction is so vast. Hone in on only the best contractors by narrowing options down based on the following traits.

1. Experience. There truly is no substitute for experience. A team that’s been in the business for a long time knows how to foresee and avoid challenges throughout construction. Why? Because they’ve been there before. They’ve risen to the occasion and navigated obstacles in the past, giving each future project the advantage of a seasoned approach.

2. Diverse portfolio of work. You want a contractor with experience in your industry, but don’t shy away from companies with experiences in varying industries. Successfully executing a number of different projects shows flexibility, adaptability and competence.

3. A strong bid. Carefully study proposals from different contractors. Be sure to think about the following questions: Did they account for the cost of materials? Or the timeline for your project? Also be sure to compare the cost estimates. A contractor with less experience may try to entice you by offering a lower bid. When it comes to a commercial build, it’s always better to pay for quality.

4. Leadership. Learn about a contractor’s background. Who started the company, and where are they now? Do leaders of the company have a focused vision and mission? How do they influence the company culture? Choosing an ambitious contractor focused on growth is a strong indicator of dedication and innovation.

5. Communication. Find out who your main point of contact will be with your commercial construction company. What’s their communication style? Do they answer questions you didn’t even realize you had? Are they easy to build a rapport with? You want a contractor who you feel is transparent, honest and reliable. Further, you should want to maintain your relationship with them for future construction needs down the road.

6. Shared definition of success. As you discuss your project with contractors, listen carefully to see who validates and understands your goals as a business or organization. Whether you’re focused on employee retention, energy efficiency or increased productivity, you and your contractor should be on the same page about objectives from the beginning.

7. References. It may seem like your contractor does great work, but don’t just take their word for it! Ask them for a list of references you can speak with. Talking with former clients about the contractor’s work and any challenges can help you get a better understanding of the company’s values. Be sure to ask them if they had any unexpected challenges throughout the project, how the contractor handled them, and if they would work with them again.

8. Subcontractors. Learn which vendors your contractor candidates work with, and ask why they chose them. Also learn how much work will be completed in house. When it comes to various companies who will be contributing to your project, you want a full picture.

9. Ethics. Work with a company that takes care of its employees. When speaking with contractors, ask about their safety record and how they manage risks. Learn how they enforce safety standards on the job site, and what their insurance coverages are in the case of an accident. A safe, positive work environment can make or break your commercial build.

10. Quality workmanship. Quality of work speaks for itself. Don’t settle for anything less than thorough building design, the best materials and top-notch tools and equipment. Learn what contractors are most proud of — is it their finish work? Their conceptual ideas? The longevity and structural integrity of their buildings? No one wants a low-grade construction job, so make sure you choose a contractor who will create a property that’s built to last.

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Our commercial contractors in Columbia, MO are focused on your goals, and build both structures and client relationships that will stand the test of time. Check out our portfolio and contact us today to discuss your next commercial construction project in Columbia, MO!

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