Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction


We Understand the Importance of Finding the Right Contractor

Finding a commercial construction contractor can sometimes be a hard and strenuous process. Our expertise in the commercial construction industry and customer service can make it easier for you and your business to find the best commercial construction contractors in mid-Missouri, and get a quote that you can afford.

Huebert Builders has an expansive portfolio of commercial construction projects in Columbia, Mo.

Missouri’s Experts in Commercial Construction

Columbia’s Most-Trusted Construction Contractors

Here at Huebert Builders, we specialize in commercial construction; and more and more businesses are putting their trust in Huebert’s construction services. We have been leading experts in commercial construction in Columbia, MO and mid-Missouri since 1986. Our work has helped make Columbia the beautiful and unique city that it is today, and it has helped establish us as Columbia’s premier general contractors.

Your commercial construction project requires the attention and expertise of a top commercial construction company. At Huebert Builders, our decades of vast experience with all sorts of different commercial construction projects, renovations and improvements guarantees a project that will be completed with high-quality work and customer service. We can take care of your construction project’s electricalplumbingconstruction and more!

Huebert Builders’ Commitment to Professionalism

The foundation of our growing success here in mid-Missouri is our commitment to getting the job done right and on time, which is why more and more trust us in Columbia. The quality of our construction company’s reputation has been growing for years now due to our ability to impress our clients. And for us, the development of a relationship with our clients is of the utmost importance.

Producing Our Work Safely

Every single day that we are on the worksite, our work always revolves around creating a safe construction-site environment. When you choose Huebert, you’ll get a detail-oriented team of contractors that put the extra effort into everything they do. We work to constantly educate ourselves on current city and county codes, as well as the best practices and materials being used in the industry.

Huebert Builders’ Commercial Construction Services

With over 30 years of commercial construction experience, we have a diverse portfolio of commercial construction projects. Feel free to check out our commercial remodeling projectsOur commercial construction contractors have experience in a variety of commercial construction industries including…

  • Gym construction
  • Healthcare construction
  • Religious facility construction
  • University construction
  • Office construction
  • Entertainment construction
  • …and more!
Huebert Builders' commercial construction portfolio includes Rock Bridge Church in Columbia, Mo.
Huebert Builders has an expansive portfolio of commercial building additions in Columbia, Mo.